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Tours: MALI

The bustling life on the Niger River – Mali round trip
(15 days)

There is almost nowhere in Africa that presents itself in a more original way than Mali does. Magnificent loam architecture, high minarets with ostrich eggs on top, colourful street markets, the secret masks of the Dogon and the legendary golden city of Timbuktu.

After arrival at Bamako airport, the tour takes you to Segou, the former residential city of the Bambara kings, with its splendid colonial buildings, and passing by its millet fields and Karité butter trees, heading into the mysterious Dogon country. We visit the impressive Falaise de Bandiagara by foot during the next days. This is a crumbling mountain on whose sides the villages of the Dogon cling like swallows’ nests. The Togunas, the meetings places of the village elders, are also worth a visit. The Dogon people are known for their tribal dances with wooden masks.

Our tour continues by jeep to Mopti, which has developed into Mali's most important river harbour. The scenes at the river are indescribably colourful and lively, a place where merchants deal in different goods – a pleasure not only for photographers. Sunset over the Niger River is reflected in the most beautiful of colours in the water.

From here it is not far to Djenné, seat of the biggest loam mosque in the world. Monday is market day and men and women of the Bambara, Bobo, Bozo, Fulbe and Dogon tribes come here to trade and talk to each other. By walking through this colourful event we see wonderful sights and collect fantastic impressions of this area.

Like so many adventurers before us, we look forward to arriving in legendary Timbuktu, even if its “golden age” is long gone. Our way back leads us through Mopti, San and Segou, and into the lively capital Bamako.
We can take back beautiful memories and souvenirs from our last stop at the arts and craft market, before we unfortunately have to say good-bye to Africa.

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