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Colourfulness in the sand - Tadrat
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At the start of this tour, we are welcomed by our Touareg team in the big, city like oasis and Touareg capital, Tamanrasset. We have time to get acquainted with Africa during a walk through the market and the city centre. We then start our tour right in the heart of the Sahara, taking the classical southern route through the Tassili Hoggar, the foothill of Ténéré du Tafassasset, and to Erg Admer. After visiting the green palm tree oasis of Djanet, our tour continues in the direction of the Libyan border. Here we reach our true destination: the Tadrat, one of the most diverse areas the desert has to offer. Here you can feel like Alice in Wonderland as one sensational surprise follows another.

We first of all walk over red sand and in between the many sandstone castles, whose strange shapes invite us to discover them. Just as in a labyrinth, it is possible to find new ways and perspectives in this area, and without the expert guidance of our Touareg team, you could easily get lost in these surroundings. Their safe guidance also leads you to rock paintings and engravings that are thousands of years old, and show cattle and elephants, hunters and shepherds, antelopes and giraffes – every single one a magnificent piece of art.
We can also find grottos with deep shadows for our daily siesta, where we can rest and hide from the hot sun.

And during the afternoon, we climb the dunes, which pile up to 200 meters high. But the most overwhelming sights are the colours of the sand! Just like a painter’s palette, here we can find different shades, from bright yellows to curry and ochre, to different red tones as well as the black of the dunes.

There is nothing more beautiful than sitting on the top of a dune at dawn, enjoying the view of the country all the way to Libya, witnessing the symphony of colours and the fast changing image of light and shadow painted by the sunset.
At the end of every day we camp in the sand under a sky full of stars, an image that seems to belong to a story out of “A Thousand and One Arabian Nights.”
The way back leads us to the oasis of Djanet where we say goodbye to our last night in the open air with a cup of Touareg tea at the “Weeping Cow” of Tegharghart.

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