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Quiet Sahara - Tin Rhero
(15 days)

After our departure from Tamanrasset, we head south on a tar street. We soon leave this path however and enter the desert further south through the Oued Tiharar. Our route continues south-easterly through the Oued Tin Amzi. Finally, we reach the solitary and abandoned landscape of Tin Rhero Tassili.

The area of Tin Rhero is an absolute must for desert lovers. This almost unknown landscape in the west and south-west of Tamanrasset offers an unexpected thrilling route. Deserted fields of sand dunes, dramatic canyons and impressive plateaus make this trip an alternate and unique travelling experience.

On our tour through the confusing labyrinth of sandstone sediments and while visiting prehistoric engravings and rock paintings, we discover relics of early settlements from the Stone Age. Nowadays the increasing drought in the Sahara area no longer allows for nomadic life in this region.

We leave the Tassili Tin-Rerhoh in a south-easterly direction and enter an exhibition of wind beaten stones, which look like animals from myths. The changing light throughout the day makes this scene an unforgettable experience. One of the highlights of our tour is a huge grotto, almost buried in the sand, with fantastic rock paintings.

Our return journey takes us back through the dunes of Laouni and we arrive at the edge of Tassili Hoggar. Magnificent resting places in the middle of wonderful dune landscapes, like Tagrera and Tin-Akachaker, round off the tour, showing us the different forms of the desert. Finally our tour ends in Tamanrasset.

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Tin Akerchaker